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IT Outsourcing/Support

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Comprehensive Support, Monitoring and Consulting in a Simplified Model.

We'll be glad to take total responsibility for the smooth running of your systems, so you don't have worry about them. Your IT responsibilities are removed and your staff can focus on making your business a success rather than worrying about virus attacks, network connectivity issues or loss of data in the event of a system breakdown.

For a low fixed monthly price, we provide you with a highly effective computer and network maintenance and support service, so you know exactly what your IT budget will be, with no surprises. Our proactive approach to computer maintenance, even when your system appears to be operating perfectly, is unique and means that the number and severity of problems you will encounter is massively reduced compared to the usual break and fix approach. We prevent things going wrong in the first place, yet we're able to respond quickly when they do, saving you time and money!

Regular housekeeping and servicing massively reduces the deterioration of your computers which slowly robs the business of time and efficiency, reduces system crashes which lead to costly repairs and significant loss of productivity, and prolongs the life of your computers.

Our IT support package, which is covered by a service level agreement include:

Telephone Support
You and your staff have direct access to our friendly local technical experts via our telephone helpline. With the help of the staff who is need of our support, we'll provide you with remote assistance and ensure that the problem is solved within minutes.

Emergency On-Site Assistance
In the unlikely event we can't fix your system remotely, we will deploy our experienced technicians to your office to ensure that your systems are up and running. We have a target of solving your problem within two hours of your first telephone call.

Monthly system health check/maintenance
We will run regular housekeeping tasks and activities on your computers to ensure they are always in tip-top condition. Some of these takes include hovering of system units to get rid of dust, disk deframentation, error check, temporary files removal etc.

System Upgrades
If during our system health check we detect that your system needs an upgrade, we'll recommend and purchase the best accessories from the market for your system. Remember, our aim is to keep your system in top condition.

Our IT support package, covered by a service level agreement.

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